Richard Kadrey

As a freelance writer, a world-renowned novelist and a photographer, Richard Kadrey lives in San Francisco, California where he spend most of his time expanding his ingenuity. This highly-anticipated and New York Time bestselling author has written dozen of stories and novels that brought glitz and fame in the industry including Sandman Slim, Aloha from Hell, Devil Said Bang, to mention a few and many others.

Books in order of publication:

Sandman Slim Books

Sandman Slim(2009) 
Kill the Dead(2010) 
Aloha from Hell(2011) 
Devil in the Dollhouse(2012) 
Devil Said Bang(2012) 
Kill City Blues(2013) 
The Getaway God(2014) 
Killing Pretty(2015) 
The Perdition Score(2016) 
The Kill Society(2017) 
Hollywood Dead(2018)

Another Coop Heist Books

The Everything Box(2016) 
The Wrong Dead Guy(2017) 

Standalone Novels

Kamikaze L’Amour(1995) 
Butcher Bird(2007) 
Dead Set(2013) 
The Grand Dark(2019) 

Short Stories

Suspect Zero(2013) 

Graphic Novels


Non-Fiction Books

Covert Culture Sourcebook(1993) 
Covert Culture Sourcebook 2.0(1994) 
From Myst to Riven: The Creations and Inspirations(1997)
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