Richard Lambert – English author

Richard Stanton Lambert (25 August 1894 – 1981) was a biographer, popular historian, and broadcaster. He was also the founding editor of The Listener and an employee of the BBC and CBC. His books mainly concern history and biography, but he also wrote about crime, travel, art, radio, film, and propaganda.

Books in order of publication:

Published books

· Ode to Sleep by Papinius Statius, Translated from the Latin into English Verse by Richard Stanton Lambert, 1923 (Wembley Hill, Middlesex: The Stanton Press)

· Modern Imperialism, 1928 (Longmans, Workers’ Educational Association)

· The Prince of Pickpockets: a study of George Barrington, who left his country for his country’s good, 1930 (Faber and Faber)

· The Youth of Industrialism: Six broadcast Dialogues between H.L. Beales and R.S. Lambert, 1930 (British Broadcasting Corporation, London)

· A Historian’s Scrapbook: a picture gallery of life during the nineteenth century, 1932 (British Institute of Adult Education)

· The Dorsetshire Labourers: a play in two acts, adapted from the radio version by W E Williams, 1934 (Workers’ Educational Association)

· Memoirs of the Unemployed, written in collaboration with H.L. Beales, 1934 (Victor Gollancz, London)

· For Filmgoers Only: The Intelligent Filmgoer’s Guide to the Film, 1934 (British Institute of Adult Education and Faber & Faber)

· The Railway King, 1800–1871: a study of George Hudson and the business morals of his time, 1934 (Allen and Unwin, London)

· When Justice Faltered: a study of nine peculiar murder trials, 1935 (Metheun)

· Grand Tour; a journey in the tracks of the age of aristocracy , 1935 (Faber & Faber)

· The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap: A Modern “Miracle” Investigated, written in collaboration with H. Price, 1935 (Methuen & Co. Ltd.)

· The Innocence of Edmund Galley, 1936 (Newnes)

· Art in England, 1938 (Penguin)

· Propaganda, 1938 (Thomas Nelson And Sons. Ltd., London)

· The Universal Provider: A Study of William Whiteley and the Rise of the London Department Store, 1938 (Harrap)

· The Cobbett of the West: a study of Thomas Latimer and the struggle between pulpit and press at Exeter, 1938 (Nicholson and Watson)

· Ariel and All His Quality: An Impression of the BBC from Within, 1938 (Victor Gollancz, London)

· Home front: intimate letters, both grave and gay, telling how Great Britain faces the war, 1940 (The Ryerson Press, Toronto)

· Mind Under Fire; The March of Propaganda in Wartime, 1940 (Canadian Association for Adult Education, Toronto)

· Films in School, 1940 (Shell Oil Company of Canada)

· Old Country Mail: A Selection from the CBC Broadcasts, 1941 (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto)

· How healthy is Canada?, 1941 (Canadian Association for Adult Education and the Canadian Institute for International Affairs, Toronto)

· For the time is at hand: an account of the prophesies of Henry Wentworth Monk of Ottawa, friend of the Jews, and pioneer of world peace, 1947 (London)

· The adventure of Canadian painting, 1947 (McClelland and Stewart)

· Franklin of the Arctic; a life of adventure, 1949 (McClelland and Stewart)

· The Fortunate Traveller: a short history of touring and travel for pleasure, 1950 (Melrose)

· Adventure to The Polar Sea: the story of Sir John Franklin, 1950 (Bobbs-Merrill)

· North for Adventure, 1952 (McClelland and Stewart)

· They Went Exploring, 1954 (The Book Society of Canada Ltd.)

· Exploring the Supernatural: The Weird in Canadian Folklore, 1955 (Arthur Baker; McClelland & Stewart)

· The world’s most daring explorers: 38 men who opened the world, 1956 (Sterling Publishing Co., New York)

· Redcoat Sailor: The Adventures of Sir Howard Douglas, 1956 (Macmillan, Toronto)

· Trailmaker: the story of Alexander Mackenzie, 1957 (McClelland and Stewart, Toronto)

· We Live in Ontario, 1957 (Book Society of Canada)

· The Great Heritage, 1958 (House of Grant).

· The Twentieth Century: Britain, Canada, USA, 1963 (The House of Grant Ltd)

· School Broadcasting in Canada, 1963 (University of Toronto Press)

· Canadian Neighbor, 1965 (Queen’s Printer, Ottawa)

· Mutiny in the Bay: Henry Hudson’s Last Voyage , 1966 (Macmillan, Toronto)

· Myths, Legends and Fables, 1967 (Book Society of Canada).

· Renewing Nature’s Wealth: A Centennial History of the Public Management of Lands, Forests, and Wildlife in Ontario 1763–1967, 1967 (The Hunter Rose Co. and Ontario Department of Lands and Forests)

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