Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson is the pseudonym of Richard Lipez, the author of nine books, including the Don Strachey private eye series. The Strachey books are being filmed by here!, the first gay television network.

He grew up and went to college in Pennsylvania and served in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia from 1962-64. And lives in Becket, Massachusetts and is married to sculptor Joe Wheaton.

Books in order of publication:

Death Trick (1981)

On the Other Hand, Death (1984)

Ice Blues 1986)

Third Man Out (1992)

Shock to the System (1995)

Chain of Fools (1996)

Strachey’s Folly (1998)

Tongue Tied (2003)

Death Vows (2008)

The 38 Million Dollar Smile (2009)

Cockeyed (2010)

Red White and Black & Blue (2011)

The Last Thing I Saw (2012)

Why Stop at Vengance (2015)

WWW.Dropdead (2016)

Killer Reunion (2019)

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