Robert Colton

I became interested in Roman history at a very young age. While always reading or writing, I didn’t know that my true passion would be the invention of my trio of fictional characters attempting to make their way in Pompeii, until I was reading “The Robe” by Lloyd C. Douglas. I am a fan of the happily ever after conclusions,and “The Robe” did not offer that.
I put my other unending writing projects down and started typing the tale of a young noble Roman who was a bit less noble than Douglas’s hero. After years of research on Pompeii and the details of Rome that would have influenced a likeable, and unfortunate young man, an entire world came together for me. “Pompeii: A Tale of Murder in Ancient Rome” is just the beginning.

A fan of autumn and a lover of animals, I am always reading something that takes me back to the glory days of Rome. I stumble through the day, quoting Cicero and daydreaming about a time long gone, but not forgotten.

Pompeii: A Tale of Murder in Ancient Rome2012
Pompeii: A Conspiracy Among Friends2013
Rome To Alexandria: A Collection of Short Stories2013
Pompeii: Hazard at Bay2014
Pompeii: Pluto’s Maze2014
Murder Most Convenient2014
Murder Most Posh2014
Murder Most Egyptological2015
Murder Most Decorative: A Mrs. Xavier Stayton Mystery2015
Murder Most Cosmetic: A Mrs. Xavier Stayton Mystery2016
Murder Most Plagiaristic: A Mrs. Xavier Stayton Mystery2016
Pedestrian and Other Reminiscences at Home and Abroad: With Sketches of Country Life2016
Rambles in Sweden and Gottland: With Etchings by the Way-Side2016
Manuscript to Murder: How To Write A Whodunnit2017
The Bye-Lanes and Downs of England: With Turf Scenes and Characters2018
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