Robert Drake

Robert M. Drake is an American author, he is mostly known for his best selling book “Beautiful Chaos” and “Black Butterfly among others. He is also a social media phenomena and a self acclaimed street artist which you can see his work in all major cities across the United States.

Books in order of publication:

Beautiful Chaos2014
Science: The stars in me are the stars in you2015
Spaceship: A collection of quotes for the misunderstood2015
Spaceship: A Collection of Words for the Misunderstood2015
Black ButterFly2015
Science: The Stars in Me are the Stars in You2015
A Brilliant Madness2015
Spaceship 2016
Broken Flowers2016
Moon Theory2017
Seeds of Chaos2017
Beautiful Chaos 22018
The Great Artist2018
Seeds of Wrath2018
Light Theory2018
Star Theory2018
Dawn of Mayhem2018
Dead Pop Art2018
The King is Dead2018
Moon Matrix2018
What I Say When I’m Not Saying A Damn Thing2019
Falling Toward the Moon2019
Empty Bottles Full of Stories2019
What I Mean When I Say Miss You, Love You and Fuck You2019
What I Say To Myself When I Need To Calm The Fuck Down2019
What I Feel When I Don’t Want To Feel2019
DEPARTURE (Something Broken Something Beautiful)2020
Oracle (Something Broken Something Beautiful)2020
Elevation (Something Broken Something Beautiful)2020
Manifest (Something Broken Something Beautiful)2020
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