Robin Hobb

Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden is the real name of this US fantasy writer. She boasts a rich history that stretches back in 1952 when she was born in California. Later on, at the age of nine, she and her family left California to live a self-sufficient life in Alaska and it was there that she learned to love the forest and the wilderness.

Robin Hobb began her writing career in high school and she started submitting poetry and fiction to magazines in 1970. In 70’s and 80’s, she exploited her career further by writing local newspapers and several children’s magazines – Highlights for Children and Humpty Dumpty. Perhaps motivated by the grant awarded to her short story, “The Poaching”, by the Alaska Council for the Arts, she moved from writing children’s stories into a realm of SF and fantasy in her late seventies. Mind you, the short story was republished in an anthology, Finding our Boundaries in 1979.

Robin Hobb published short works in various popular magazines, notably Space and Time which is edited by Gordon Linzner. It was in 1982 when she sold her first novel, Harpy’s Flight. The characters featured in this novel had first appeared in a short story, “Bones for Dulath” in AMAZONS!, an entitled anthology. AMAZONS! Won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology in 1980 and greatly promoted her work in reaching a broad readership.

Books in order of publication:

Ki and Vandien Quartet Books

Harpy’s Flight(1983) 
The Windsingers(1984) 
The Limbreth Gate(1984) 
Luck of the Wheels(1989) 

Tillu and Kerlew Books

The Reindeer People(1988) 
Wolf’s Brother(1988) 

The Farseer Trilogy Books

Assassin’s Apprentice(1995) 
Royal Assassin(1996) 
Assassin’s Quest(1997) 

Farseer Short Stories

The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince(2013)

The Liveship Trilogy Books

Ship of Magic(1998) 
The Mad Ship(1999) 
Ship of Destiny(2000) 

The Tawny Man Trilogy Books

Fool’s Errand(2002) 
Golden Fool(2003) 
Fool’s Fate(2003) 

The Rain Wilds Chronicles Books

Dragon Keeper(2009) 
Dragon Haven(2010) 
City of Dragons(2012) 
Blood of Dragons(2013) 

Soldier Son Trilogy Books

Shaman’s Crossing(2005) 
Forest Mage(2006) 
Renegade’s Magic(2008) 

Fitz and The Fool Trilogy Books

Fool’s Assassin(2014) 
Fool’s Quest(2015) 
Assassin’s Fate(2017) 

Standalone Novels

Wizard of the Pigeons(1985) 
Cloven Hooves(1991) 
Alien Earth(1992) 
The Gypsy(1992) 
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