Robin Saikia

Robin Saikia is a British travel writer and historian.

He was born in 1962 and educated at Winchester College. His mother’s side is English, and his father’s side is of Indian Assamese ancestry. He grew up in England, Zambia, and India.

Books in order of publication:

Hitler’s Munich – A Third Reich Tourist Guide – 2008

The Horn Book – 2008

Blue Guide Hay-on-Wye – 2010

The Red Book – The Membership List of the Right Club – 1939 – 2010

The Venice Lido – 2011

Blue Guide Italy Food Companion: Phrasebook and Miscellany – 2011

Hampstead: A Blue Guide Travel Monograph – 2013

A Very Fine Cat Indeed: A Dramatic Monologue – 2020

The Saikia System: 23 Elocution Exercises for Teachers and Students of Standard British English – 2020

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