Rory Clements

Rory Clements is an English author of spy thriller and historical mystery novels. He has worked in the newspaper area of media in a long career that includes working as the associate editor and features editors of Today, editor of the Good Health Pages for the Daily Mail, and health section editor for the Evening Standard.

Rory Clements first became a published author when Martyr was published in 2009. This debut novel was the first of the popular John Shakespeare series. He currently writes full time in Norfolk, England. He is the author of seven books that make up the John Shakespeare series. He is also the author of the Tom Wilde series, which features initial books Corpus and follow-up novel Nucleus.

Books in order of publication:

John Shakespeare Books

The Man in the Snow(2012) 
The Heretics(2013) 
The Queen’s Man(2014) 
Holy Spy(2015) 
Chronologically. The Heretics takes place after Traitor.

Tom Wilde Books

Hitler’s Secret(2020)
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