Ruth Ozeki

Ruth Ozeki (born in New Haven, Connecticut) is a Japanese American novelist. She is the daughter of anthropologist Floyd Lounsbury.

Ozeki published her debut novel, My Year of Meats, in 1998. She followed up with All Over Creation in 2003. Her new novel, A Tale for the Time Being, was published on March 12, 2013.

She is married to Canadian land artist Oliver Kellhammer, and the couple divides their time between New York City and Vancouver.

Author website:

Books in order of publication:

My Year of Meats. Penguin. 1998.

All Over Creation. Penguin. 2003.

A Tale for the Time Being. Viking. 2013.

The Face: A Time Code. Restless Books. 2016.

The Book of Form and Emptiness. Viking. 2021.

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