S. M. Stirling

Stephen Michael Stirling or better known as S.M. Stirling is a noteworthy Canadian-American author, who has written a few successful novels based on the fantasy and science fiction genres. He is particularly popular for writing down the Draka series of novels based on alternate history genre, as well as the Emberverse and Nantucket series’, which are based on time travel and alternate history genres. Stirling was born on September 30, 1953 in Metz, France. At that time, Metz was the site of an Air Force base for a Royal Canadian force. Stirling’s mother was English while his father was of Canadian origin. Having lived in a number of countries throughout his life, he currently stays in New Mexico, United States along with his wife Jan. As a well known author, Stirling is famous for writing his novels in a variety of genres such a alternate history, fantasy and science fiction. Many people believe that the writing career of Stirling has been very inspiring for the new and upcoming authors. His novels often conflict-driven and generally give descriptions about military cultures and situations. The books written by Stirling mainly focus on the adventures and explorations of the military forces. In addition to that, he also describes the cultural values of the societies in his novels significantly. The critics find the descriptions in Stirling’s novels to be different from the modern western thinking and views.

One topic that occurs frequently in Stirling’s books is the influence of the cultures of the society on the values and outlook of an individual and lays a great emphasis on the idea that most of the people and the societies regard themselves moral. Stirling also likes to explore the technological developments in his novels. This can be seen very well in the Draka series, in which the Drak people face and choose a different imperative in the conquest of Africa, and turn to steam power and firearms for breech-loading than the other forces of the rest of the Western countries. Also in the Nantucket series, it is seen that the stranded islanders try to rebuild their base with the help of advanced technology after their island gets stranded in the year 1250 BC. At that time, the inhabitants in the novels had a world deprived of firearms, electricity, and internal combustion. S.M. Stirling also tends to describe strong female characters in his novels, who seem to have prominent roles in the stories of the novels. During the initial years of his writing career, Stirling had collaborated with other authors such as Jerry Pournelle, Raymond E. Feist, David Drake, and Anne McCaffrey. Apart from writing fantasy and historical fiction novels, Stirling has hobbies related to crafting. He is mainly interested in anthropology, sciences, archaeology and history. As far as the physical hobbies are concerned, Stirling is very fond of martial art.

One among the many successful novel series’ written by author S.M. Stirling is ‘The Change’ series, which consists of a total of 6 novels published between the years 2007 and 2012. The series is also known as the Emberverse II series, as it is the continued part of the successful Emberverse series initially written by Stirling. It is a series which is set in the same world as the initial novels of the Emberverse series, but around 25 years later. The series changed world in the series is generated due the death of high-energy technology in the catastrophe, which was not survived by the human race. The children who are born after The Change begin to take the center stage and the ones who were responsible The Change to happen, are now beginning to form rival groups against them. Now, they are required to send an expedition across the hostile and strange continent of Nantucket to find answers to their questions. The first novel of The Change series was published as the fourth novel in the Emberverse series. It was published in the year 2007 by the Roc publishing house and was named ‘The Sunrise Lands’. The plot of the novel is set in a fictional world of western Oregon, where the technology has been rendered inoperable due to the occurrence of The Change. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that s generation has passed since the technology became useless all around the world. It seems that western Oregon has finally achieved some degree of peace after so many years. But, a new threat seems to rise in the Paradise Valley in Wyoming. A man emerges as a self-proclaimed Prophet of the God, who presides over the Triumphant and the Church Universal. He teaches his followers to continue with the God’s work and destroy the remnants of the technological civilization as well as the ones who try to use them. Now, the son and heir of the mystic Juniper, Rudi Mackenzie is required to go on a journey across a hostile continent along with his seven friends. In order to solve the puzzle and find the answers about what destroyed their civilization, he must travel to the Sunrise Lands. As they try to move farther in the journey, they do not consider the enemies that lie in their own bands and outside of it.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2008. It was called ‘The Scourge of God’ and was published by the Roc Hardcover publishing house. The novel is also regarded as the fifth installment of the Emberverse series. The plot of the novel is set in the changed and the technology deficient world of The United States. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Rudi Mackenzie is depicted as the son of the Bear Lord Mike Havel and the High Priestess Juniper Mackenzie. He is also the heir of their destroyed civilization and is required to trek across the chaotic continents and reach his destination in Nantucket, to find answers to the questions related to The Change. Rudi Mackenzie hopes of learning the truth about the occurrence of The Change in Nantucket. During his journey, he carries the hopes, visions, dreams of all those who dared to travel to the island, hinting at the forces that lie beyond comprehension. More importantly, he has to compete for the agendas of the human race’s future. Throughout the journey, Rudi forms ties with a number of new allies in his war against The Prophet, who tries to preside over the Church Universal as well as the Triumphant. He teaches his followers that God has punished the human race by destroying their technology. Now, the Cutter’s of The Prophet try to perform the task of destroying the remnants of the technological civilization that they come across and also the ones who thinking of using them. They consider it to be a holy task. Also, one among the fanatical officers of the Prophet takes up the mission of stopping Rudi Mackenzie from reaching Nantucket, by all the means he can.

Books published in order by series:

Fifth Millennium Books

The Sharpest Edge(1986) 
The Cage(1989) 
Shadow’s Son(1991) 
Saber and Shadow(1992) 

Alternate World War Books

Black Chamber(2018) 
Theater of Spies(2019) 
Shadows of Annihilation(2020) 

Draka Books

Marching Through Georgia(1988) 
Under the Yoke(1989) 
The Stone Dogs(1990) 

Raj Whitehall Books

The Forge(1991) 
The Hammer(1992) 
The Anvil(1993) 
The Steel(1993) 
The Sword(1995) 
The Chosen(1996) 
The Reformer(1999) 

Falenberg’s Legion Books

Go Tell the Spartans(1991) 
Prince of Sparta(1993) 

War World Books

Blood Feuds(1992) 
Blood Vengeance(1994) 

Brainship Books

The City Who Fought(1993) 
The Ship Avenged(1997) 

Flight Engineer Books

The Rising(1996) 
The Privateer(1999) 
The Independent Command(2000) 

Babylon 5 Books


Island In The Sea Of Time Books

Island in the Sea of Time(1998) 
Against the Tide of Years(1999) 
On the Oceans of Eternity(2000) 

T2 Books

Rising Storm(2002) 
The Future War(2003) 

Man-Kzin Books

The Houses of the Kzinti(2002) 

Legends Of The Riftwar Books

Jimmy the Hand(2003)

Dies The Fire Books

Dies the Fire(2004) 
The Protector’s War(2005) 
A Meeting at Corvallis(2006) 

Lords Of Creation Books

The Sky People(2006) 
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings(2008) 

Order of Change Books

The Sunrise Lands(2007) 
The Scourge of God(2008) 
The Sword of the Lady(2009) 
The High King of Montival(2010) 
The Tears of the Sun(2011) 
The Lord of Mountains(2012) 
The Given Sacrifice(2013) 

Shadowspawn Books

A Taint in the Blood(2010) 
The Council of Shadows(2011) 
Shadow of Falling Night(2013) 

Clan Of The Claw Books


General Books

Hope Rearmed(2014) 

Rudi’s Children Books

The Golden Princess(2014) 
The Desert and the Blade(2015) 
Prince of Outcasts(2016) 
The Sea Peoples(2017) 
The Sky-Blue Wolves(2018) 

Black Chamber Books

Black Chamber(2018)

Standalone Novels

The Children’s Hour(1991) 
The Rose Sea(1994) 
The Peshawar Lancers(2002) 

Short Story Collections

Ice, Iron and Gold(2007) 
Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories(2011) 


Fantastic World War II(1990) 
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