Sarah Catherine Gilbert

Dame Sarah Catherine Gilbert DBE (born April 1962) is a British vaccinologist who is a Professor of Vaccinology at the University of Oxford and co-founder of Vaccitech.

Gilbert specialises in the development of vaccines against influenza and emerging viral pathogens. She led the development and testing of the universal flu vaccine, which underwent clinical trials in 2011. On New Year’s Day 2020 Gilbert read on ProMED-mail about four people in China suffering from a strange pneumonia of unknown cause, in Wuhan, China.

Within two weeks a vaccine had been designed at Oxford against the new pathogen. On 30 December 2020, the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine she co-developed with the Oxford Vaccine Group was approved for use in the United Kingdom. As of January 2022 more, than 2.5 billion doses of the vaccine have been released to more than 170 countries worldwide.

Published book:

Vaxxers – 2021

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