Sarah Kozloff

Sarah has spent her life immersed in literature, narrative, and film. After a degree in English at Dartmouth she worked in film production in NYC. She earned a Ph.D. from an interdisciplinary program at Stanford University, joining the Film Department of Vassar College in 1988.

In 2009 she was awarded the William R. Kenan Jr. Endowed Chair. In 2012, while teaching a senior seminar on American Women Directors, she realized that neither the books nor films of Lord of the Rings could pass the Bechdel Test.

That summer, she grabbed her laptop and started imagining a world that awaited the return of the queen. She didn’t know then that this leap into creative writing would spark a new career.

Her epic fantasy quartet, The Nine Realms, is forthcoming from TOR. All four books, A Queen in Hiding, The Queen of Raiders, A Broken Queen, and The Cerulean Queen, will be published January through April 2020. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and a shifting menagerie of pets, who mistakenly believe they are suitable replacements for grown sons.

Books in order of publication:

A Queen in Hiding (The Nine Realms # 1)2020
The Queen of Raiders (The Nine Realms # 2)2020
A Broken Queen (The Nine Realms # 3)2020
The Cerulean Queen (The Nine Realms # 4)2020
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