Sarah L. Thomson

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and Madison, Wisconsin…but only partly. Sometime around the age of six or seven, I plunged into a book and never really came up for air. Oh, I went to school, walked my dog, loved my family…but I grew up as much in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain, Charlotte Bronte’s stormy moors and Jane Austen’s elegant drawing rooms, as I did in the Midwest suburbs.

I went off to college in Oberlin, Ohio, where I read as much medieval literature as they would let me. I also spent my junior year at Oxford, learned to read Old English, and was allowed to touch a twelfth century manuscript with my (GULP!) bare hands. After I graduated, I headed for New York and a job in publishing. 
I spent ten years there, finally becoming a senior editor at HarperCollins Children’s Books. A little while after my first book, The Dragon’s Son, was published, I made the painful decision to leave editing, which I loved, to concentrate full time on writing. And I left New York as well, to settle in Portland, Maine.

Books in order of publication:

The Dragon’s Son – 2001

Imagine a Night – 2003

Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag – 2003

Imagine a Day – 2005

Amazing Tigers! – 2005

Amazing Gorillas! – 2005

Extreme Stars – 2006

The Secret of the Rose – 2006

Amazing Dolphins! – 2006

Amazing Snakes! – 2006

Amazing Sharks! – 2006

Amazing Whales! – 2006

The Manny – 2007

Dragon’s Egg – 2007

Extreme Dinosaurs – 2007

Pirates, Ho! – 2008

Imagine a Place – 2008

What Lincoln Said – 2008

Obama: A Promise of Change – 2008

Where Do Polar Bears Live? – 2009

Tiger Pups – 2009

Three Cups of Tea – 2009

Mercy: The Last New England Vampire – 2011

Cinderella – 2012

Around the Neighborhood: A Counting Lullaby – 2012

Cub’s Big World – 2013

Ancient Animals: Terror Bird  – 2013

Ancient Animals: Saber-toothed Cat – 2014

The Eureka Key – 2016

Quick, Little Monkey! – 2016

Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale – 2016

The Eagle’s Quill – 2017

Wombat Underground: A Wildfire Survival Story – 2022

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