Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss is an English author of nonfiction, literature and fiction books best known for her 2018 novel the Ghost Wall. She is an award-winning and bestseller author of six novels Night Waking, Cold Earth nominated for the 2011 Fiction Uncovered Award, and The Tidal Zone shortlisted for the Welcome Prize Award.

Born in Glasgow, Sarah relocated to Manchester where she spent her childhood and later left for Oxford at the age of eighteen. She spent the next ten years in Oxford studying Masters of Studies and D.Phil in English Literature. Sarah Moss became a published author in 2005 when Scott’s Last Biscuit, a nonfiction book was published. In 2009, she co-authored with Alexander Badenoch in writing non-fiction titled Chocolate.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Cold Earth(2009) 
Night Waking(2011) 
Bodies of Light(2012) 
Signs for Lost Children(2015) 
The Tidal Zone(2016) 
Ghost Wall(2018) 
The Fell(2021)

Non-Fiction Books

Scott’s Last Biscuit(2005) 
The Frozen Ship(2006) 
Spilling the Beans(2009) 
Names for the Sea(2012)
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