Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin is an award-winning historical fiction author from California. While she was brought up in a home that was wall to wall with books, she never did envision herself as a writer. However, she once teamed up with her sister and using crayons they co-wrote Funny Dancing Vegetables and Fruits stories. She would then discover science and when she went to college, she took a degree in chemistry and later got her Ph.D. in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco School of Pharmacy.

Sarah’s novels are set in World War II which is because of her unique parentage. Frederick Stewart her grandfather served in the US Navy as a pharmacist’s mate and Roderick Stewart, her great uncle was a pilot for the NAVY and flew the B-17 in England and Australia and was present at Pearl Harbor. As such, she grew up with stories of World War II and hence it was no surprise that she would be fascinated by anything to do with the war.

Books in order of publication:

Wings of Glory Books

A Distant Melody(2010) 
A Memory Between Us(2010) 
Blue Skies Tomorrow(2011) 

Wings of the Nightingale Books

With Every Letter(2012) 
On Distant Shores(2013) 
In Perfect Time(2014) 

Waves of Freedom Books

Through Waters Deep(2015) 
Anchor in the Storm(2016) 
When Tides Turn(2017) 

Sunrise at Normandy Books

The Sea Before Us(2018) 
The Sky Above Us(2019) 
The Land Beneath Us(2020) 

Standalone Novels

When Twilight Breaks(2021)
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