Scholastique Mukasonga

Scholastique Mukasonga is a French Rwandan author born in 1956 in the former Gikongoro province of Rwanda. In 2012, She won the prix Renaudot and the prix Ahmadou-Kourouma for her book Our Lady of the Nile. In addition to being a finalist for the International Dublin Literary Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, Mukasonga was rewarded in 2014 with the Seligman Prize against racism and intolerance and in 2015 with the prize Société des gens de lettres. She currently resides in Lower Normandy.

Books in order of publication:


2012: Notre-Dame du Nil, Éditions Gallimard,

2012: Ahmadou Kourouma Prize [fr], Prix Renaudot

2014: English translation by Melanie Mauthier, Our Lady of the Nile (Archipelago Books),

2016: Cœur tambour (novel)

2020: Kibogo est monté au ciel

Short Stories

2014: Ce que murmurent les collines (fr) (stories)


2006: Inyenzi ou les cafards (memoir), Gallimard

2016: English translation by Jordan Stump, Cockroaches (Archipelago Books),

2008: La femme aux pieds nus (memoir) — Dedicated to Mukasonga’s mother, Stefania, Gallimard

2018: English translation by Jordan Stump, The Barefoot Woman (Archipelago Books, December 2018); finalist for the 2019 National Book Award for Translated Literature

2010: L’Iguifou (memoir), Gallimard

2020: English translation by Jordan Stump, Igifu (Archipelago Books, September 2020)

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