Simon Heffer

Simon James Heffer (born 18 July 1960) is an English historian, journalist, author, and political commentator. He has published several biographies and a series of books on the social history of Great Britain from the mid nineteenth century until the end of the First World War. He was appointed professorial research fellow at the University of Buckingham in 2017.

He worked as a columnist for the Daily Mail and since 2015 has had a weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph. As a political commentator, Heffer takes a socially and constitutionally conservative position.

Books in order of publication:

A Tory Seer: The Selected Journalism of T.E. Utley, London, 1989

Moral Desperado: A Life of Thomas Carlyle, London, 1995.

Power and Place: The Political Consequences of King Edward VII, London, 1998.

Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell, London, 1998.

Nor Shall My Sword: The Reinvention of England, London, 1999.

Vaughan Williams, London, 2000.

Strictly English: The correct way to write… and why it matters, London: Rh Books, 2010,

High minds: the Victorians and the birth of modern Britain. London: RH Books 2013

Simply English, London: RH Books, 2014.

The Age of Decadence: Britain 1880 to 1914, Random House, London 2017

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