Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott was a well-known 19th-century Scottish poet, historical novelist, historian, and playwright. Many of his written works are considered classics of the English literature and the Scottish literature. Some of the famous titles penned by him include Old Mortality, Rob Roy, The Heart of Midlothian, Bride of Lammermoor, Ivanhoe, Waverly, Lady of the Lake, etc. Walter was particularly famous for writing the Waverly series of novels.

Books in order of publications:

Waverley Novels Books

Guy Mannering(1815) 
The Antiquary(1816) 
Rob Roy(1817) 
The Monastery(1820) 
The Abbot(1820) 
The Pirate(1822) 
The Fortunes of Nigel(1822) 
Peveril of the Peak(1822) 
Quentin Durward(1823) 
Saint Ronan’s Well(1823) 
Anne of Geierstein(1829) 
Some Poems by Sir Walter Scott(1893) 
The Siege of Malta(2008) 

Chronicles of the Canongate Books

Chronicles of the Canongate(1827) 
The Fair Maid of Perth(1828) 

Hermetica Books

Hermetica, Vol. 2(1985) 
Hermetica, Vol. 3(1985) 
Hermetica, Vol. 1(1985) 
Hermetica, Vol. 4(1985) 

Tales of the Crusaders Books

The Betrothed(1825) 
The Talisman(1825) 

Tales of My Landlord Books

Old Mortality(1816) 
The Black Dwarf(1816) 
The Heart of Mid-Lothian(1818) 
The Bride of Lammermoor(1819) 
A Legend of Montrose(1819) 
Castle Dangerous(1832) 
Count Robert of Paris(1832)

Tales of a Scottish Grandfather Books

From Bannockburn to Flodden(2000) 
From Gileskirk to Greyfriars(2000) 
From Montrose to Culloden(2000) 


Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border(1803) 
The Lady of the Lake(1810) 
The Surgeon’s Daughter(1956) 
The Lay of the Last Minstrel(2018) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Two Drovers(1827) 
The Tapestried Chamber; Or, the Lady in the Sacque(1829) 
The Highland Widow(2001) 
My Aunt Margaret’s Mirror and Other Tales(2006) 


Halidon Hill(2015) 
Goetz of Berlichingen, with the Ironhand(2018) 
Macduff’s Cross(2018) 
The Doom Of Devorgoil(2019)

Poetry Books

The Bridal of Triermain(2009) 
The Vision of Don Roderick(2015) 
The Field of Waterloo(2015) 
Harold the Dauntless(2015) 
The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border(2018) 
Lord of the Isles(2018) 
The Chase(2018) 
The Lady of the Lake, a Poem(2019)
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