Stanley Cloud

I was born and raised in and around Los Angeles and graduated as an English major from Pepperdine College. After college, I was a naval officer for six years.

I am also a former journalist (the Monterey Peninsula Herald, Time magazine, the Washington Star, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner) and, now, am the author or co-author of books, both fiction and non-fiction. With my wife — the writer and historian Lynne Olson — I have co-written two books: The Murrow Boys and A Question of Honor. My latest is a historical novel entitled The Manhattan Well , about Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and a murder trial that scandalized New York City in 1800. (The novel is available from Amazon; for more information, please see the book’s web site:

My journalistic career consisted of, among other things, 20 years as a foreign and domestic correspondent for Time, reporting from San Francisco, Moscow, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Saigon and Washington, DC. I was Bangkok bureau chief from 1970 to 1971 and Saigon bureau chief from September 1971 to January 1973. I have interviewed five U.S. presidents and covered the U.S. Senate, national politics and the White House. In the late 1970s, I left Time and became managing editor of the Washington Star. Later, I was executive editor of the L.A. Herald Examiner. I returned to Time in 1987 and became Washington Bureau Chief in 1989. In 1993, I was named the magazine’s media columnist but decided to take early retirement at the end of that year to concentrate — belatedly but enthusiastically — on book writing. I am currently at work on a novel about the fraught relationship between Poles and Jews.

My wife and I have four children and make our home in Washington, D.C.

The Murrow Boys: Pioneers on the Front Lines of Broadcast Journalism1996
A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II2003
The Manhattan Well2012
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