Stanley Karnow

Stanley Karnow was a well-respected American Journalist and Historian whose book “In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines” won him the coveted Pulitzer Prize for History. Karnow was a World War II veteran who graduated from Harvard and began his journalism career in the early 1950s. He is probably best known for his coverage of the Vietnam War.

Stanley Karnow died of congestive heart failure at the age of 87.

Books in order of publication:

Southeast Asia1962
Mao and China: A Legacy of Turmoil1972
Vietnam: A History1983
Vietnam: The War Nobody Won1983
Vietnam: A History 11984
Vietnam: A History 21984
In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines1989
Asian Americans in Transition1992
Dien Bien Phu: The Epic Battle America Forgot1994
Paris in the Fifties1997
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