Stephanie Dray

An author of historical and fantasy fiction, the American writer Stephanie Dray is a world-renowned writer and practitioner of her craft, being a highly vocal spokesperson within her field. Writing with a high degree of accuracy and precision, she has been able to build a career from writing about historical subject that are researched and well established, drawing her readers in, giving them a clear insight into what it was like at that period.  Not only does she conjure up different eras with her evocative prose, though, but she also manages to draw fully three-dimensional characters who really resonate with the reader, regardless of where they are from.

Books in order of publication:

Cleopatra’s Daughter Books

Lily of the Nile(2011) 
Song of the Nile(2011) 
Daughters of the Nile(2013) 

Standalone Novels

A Year of Ravens (With: Kate Quinn,,S.J.A. Turney)(2015) 
My Dear Hamilton(2018) 
The Women of Chateau Lafayette(2021) 

Pompeii Books

with Kate Quinn, Sophie Perinot, Ben Kane

A Day of Fire(2014)


Eternal Spring(2012)
A Year of Ravens(2015)
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