Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is a British comedian, actor, director, screenwriter, and author. He made his name as one of the best at comical manipulation of writing and speech. He used these skills to desanctify the most taboo or serious of topics.

Fry spent most of his childhood studying in boarding schools where he had an extensive list of violations from thief, liar, cheater, and master prankster. The last straw was resetting the stops in the chapel that resulted in bizarre sounds during a church service. The school had no choice but to expel him.

Despite his predilection for trouble, he loved reading and the fact that he had bipolar, rebellious, and gay tendencies made him somewhat of an outsider throughout his youth. Despite all the odds against him, he got a scholarship to Queens College Cambridge where he studied English.

Apart from working on screen and on-stage Steve Fry also made a name for himself as a literary fiction author. His debut novel was “The Liar” which he published in 1991 to much critical acclaim. It is a semi-autobiographical novel that follows the life of the lead who attends public school and later Cambridge just like Fry. He followed it up with the 1994 published “The Hippopotamus” that had as its lead a slovenly alcoholic, theatre critic and poet that was fired from his journalist job only to get a more lucrative job of investigating the miracle healing at an ancient country mansion.

Books in order of publication:

A Bit of Fry and Laurie Books

with Hugh Laurie

A Bit of Fry & Laurie(1990) 
A Bit More Fry & Laurie(1991) 
Three Bits Of Fry And Laurie(1992) 
Fry & Laurie Bit No(1995) 

Publication Order of Mythos Books


Standalone Novels

The Liar(1991) 
The Hippopotamus(1994) 
Making History(1996) 
The Stars’ Tennis Balls(2000) 

Non-Fiction Books

Moab Is My Washpot(1997) 
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear(2002) 
Stephen Fry’s Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music(2004) 
The Ode Less Travelled(2005) 
QI: Advanced Banter(2008) 
Stephen Fry in America(2008) 
Fry’s English Delight(2009) 
Saturday Night Fry(2009) 
The Fry Chronicles(2010) 
Mrs Fry’s Diary(2010) 
Stephen Fry Does the ‘Knowledge’(2011) 
Walking & Talking / Stephen Fry on the Phone(2011) 
How To Have An Almost Perfect Marriage(2012) 
More Fool Me: A Memoir(2014) 
Political Correctness Gone Mad? (With: Michael Eric Dyson,Michelle Goldberg)(2018) 


The Library Book(2012)
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