Stephen Leather

Born in 1956, Stephen Leather is a popular and renowned British thriller author. With a background in journalism, Leather has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to write on subjects of international intrigue such as: espionage, terrorism and international crime.

Leather was born in Manchester, England and attended Manchester Grammar School before graduating from Bath University. Contrary to many other writers and journalists who studied writing or communication, Leather graduated from Bath University with a BSc in Biochemistry.

After college, Leather is employed at the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) as a biochemist. While employed at ICI, Leather was exposed to chemicals, incidents and stories that became the plot lines for many of his books. In addition to working as a biochemist, Leather has worked in a quarry, been a baker, a barman and employed as a petrol pump attendant.

Books in order of publication:

Spider Shepherd Books

Hard Landing(2004) 
Soft Target(2005) 
Cold Kill(2006) 
Hot Blood(2007) 
Dead Men(2008) 
Live Fire(2009) 
Rough Justice(2010) 
Fair Game(2011) 
False Friends(2012) 
True Colours(2013) 
White Lies(2014) 
Black Ops(2015) 
Dark Forces(2016) 
Light Touch(2017) 
Tall Order(2018) 
Short Range(2019) 
Slow Burn(2020) 
Fast Track(2021) 

Spider Shepherd Short Stories/Novellas

Friendly Fire(2012) 
Dead Drop(2013) 
Hard Targets(2013) 
Kill Zone(2013) 
Natural Selection(2013) 
Warning Order(2013) 
Hostile Territory(2013) 
Rough Diamonds(2013) 
Narrow Escape(2014) 
Personal Protection(2014) 
More Short Fuses(2014) 
The Rope(2015) 
Planning Pack(2015) 
Remote Control(2015) 
The Sandpit(2016) 
Moving Targets(2018) 

Matt Standing books

Last Man Standing (Matt Standing #1) (2019) 
Standing Alone (Matt Standing # 2)(2022) 

Lex Harper Books

Plausible Deniability (Short Story)(2019) 

Jack Nightingale Books

San Francisco Night(2014) 
New York Night(2015) 
Tennessee Night(2018) 

Jack Nightingale Short Stories/Novellas

Still Bleeding(2012) 
Blood Bath(2014) 
My Name Is Lydia(2014) 
I Know Who Did It(2015) 
Children of the Dark(2016) 
The Creeper(2017) 
The Asylum(2017) 
The Undead(2017) 
The Doll(2017) 
The Mansion(2017) 
Wrong Turn(2017) 
The Cards(2017) 
The House on Gable Street(2018) 
Knock Knock(2018) 
Watery Grave(2018) 

Inspector Zhang Books

Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish(2011) 
Inspector Zhang and the Dead Thai Gangster(2011) 
Inspector Zhang and the Falling Woman(2011) 
Inspector Zhang and the Disappearing Drugs(2011) 
Inspector Zhang And The Perfect Alibi(2012) 
Inspector Zhang Goes To Harrogate(2012) 
Inspector Zhang and the Island of the Dead(2013) 

Asian Heat Books

Banging Bill’s Wife(2012) 
The Alphabet Game(2012) 
The Pregnant Wife(2012) 
The Threesome(2012)

Mike Cramer Books

The Chinaman(1992) 
The Long Shot(1995) 
The Double Tap(1996) 

Standalone Novels

Pay Off(1987) 
The Fireman(1989) 
Hungry Ghost(1991) 
The Vets(1993) 
The Birthday Girl(1996) 
The Solitary Man(1997) 
The Tunnel Rats(1998) 
The Bombmaker(1999) 
The Stretch(2000) 
Tango One(2002) 
The Eyewitness(2004) 
Private Dancer(2005) 
Dreamer’s Cat(2010) 
Once Bitten(2010) 
The Basement(2010) 
Bangkok Bob and the Missing Mormon(2011) 
The Bestseller(2011) 
Take Two(2013) 
First Response(2016) 
The Shout(2018) 
Last Man Standing(2019) 
The Bag Carrier(2019) 
The Runner(2020) 
Desperate Measures(2021) 
The Hunting(2021) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Rogue Warrior (Richard Yokely)(2019)

Short Story Collections

Short Fuses(2012) 
The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang(2014) 
Nightingale – A Short Story Collection(2017) 
Nightingale 2 – A Short Story Collection(2018) 

Non-Fiction Books

Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye(2006)


Death Toll(2013)
Death Toll 2(2013)
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