Stephen Volk

Stephen Volk (born 3 July 1954) is a Welsh screenwriter and novelist who specializes in the horror genre.

He wrote the screenplays for numerous horror films, including Ken Russell’s Gothic (1986), The Kiss (1988), and William Friedkin’s The Guardian (1990). In 1992, Volk wrote the teleplay for the BBC mockumentary Ghostwatch. Other screenwriting credits include Octane (2003) and The Awakening (2011).

Books in order of publication:

Novels and novellas

Gothic (1987, novelisation of the 1986 film)

Vardøger (2009)

Whitstable (2013)

Leytonstone (2015)

Short story collections

Dark Corners (2006)

Monsters in the Heart (2013)

The Parts We Play (2016)

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