Stuart Neville

Stuart Neville was a fan and customer of the No Alibi bookstore situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland before he became a writer. And now he holds his own book launch parties there. How times change! Born in 1972, Stuart Neville lives in a small town with his family, and not in Belfast, the city that plays a central role in his thrillers, but just outside it. He was a rock guitarist before he decided to become a writer. But when you look at him, he looks more like the guitarist he used to be than the author he is now. And that’s not it, he used to be a composer, a teacher, a salesman, a film extra, a baker and a hand double for a well-known Irish comedian, and is currently, along with being a writer, a partner in a successful multimedia design business in the wilds of Northern Ireland. Stuart Neville has been extremely versatile in his profession and interests, as is evident.

His writing career sprang from the publication of a short story in an online magazine. All that Stuart Neville expected in return for writing the short story was a T-shirt. Shortly after it was published, however, he received an email from a man by the name of Nat Sobel, a renowned New York literary agent. And Sobel told the writer that he wanted to see a novel.

Stuart Neville’s debut novel – The Twelve, popularly known as ‘The Ghosts of Belfast’ in America, garnered critical attention and acclaim soon after release. It was extensively reviewed in national newspapers and received the thumbs up by the industry giants like Jeff Abbot, John Connolly, and Ken Bruen. The greatest compliment, however, for Stuart Neville came from his favorite writer, James Ellroy. He praised Stuart Neville’s work calling it the best novel he had read in years. The novel crackles and grips you by the throat. It is a flat-out terror trip. These were some of the best compliments Stuart Neville had ever received. Stuart Neville even got to meet the mighty Ellroy and interview him live on stage at the Waterfront Hall, which was an event organized by David Torrans of the No Alibis bookstore in Belfast.

Books in order of publication:

Jack Lennon Books

The Ghosts of Belfast(2009) 
Stolen Souls(2011) 
The Final Silence(2014) 

DCI Serena Flanagan Books

Those We Left Behind(2015) 
So Say the Fallen(2016) 

Standalone Novels


Short Story Collections

The Usual Santas(2017)


Belfast Noir(2014)
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