Susan Hill

Susan Hill is an English author who has written mainly mystery and thriller novels and books related to fiction and literature genre. Her works also include non-fiction and children-oriented books as well. Susan was born in the year 1942 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and has been pursuing her writing career for the past five decades.

She has received many awards for her contribution to literature. Her novel ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ has fetched her the Somerset Maugham Award in the year 1971.

In 2012, Susan was appointed as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her services to English literature. Susan attended the Scarborough Convent School and was interested in literature and theater since her childhood days. Later, she joined the Barr’s Hill school for girls in Coventry due to her fathers transfer, who worked in an aircraft factory. She studied English, Latin, History and French and graduated with a degree in English from the King’s College of London.

Susan wrote her first novel before graduating, which got published through the Hutchinson when she was in the first year of university. Susan married Stanley Wells, a Shakespeare scholar in the year 1975 and has a couple of daughters, Jessica Ruston and Clemency who were born in 1977 and 1985. She has founded her own publishing house recently under the name of ‘Long Barn Books’, which publishes at least one fictional book per year. Susan has remained Anglican all through her life.

Books in order of publication:

Simon Serrailler Books

The Various Haunts of Men(2004) 
The Pure in Heart(2005) 
The Risk of Darkness(2006) 
The Vows of Silence(2008) 
The Shadows in the Street(2010) 
The Betrayal of Trust(2011) 
A Question of Identity(2012) 
A Breach of Security(2014) 
The Soul of Discretion(2015) 
Old Haunts(2018) 
The Comforts of Home(2018) 
The Benefit of Hindsight(2019) 

Standalone Novels

The Enclosure(1961) 
Do Me a Favour(1963) 
Gentleman and Ladies(1968) 
A Change for the Better(1969) 
Strange Meeting(1971) 
The Bird of Night(1972) 
In the Springtime of the Year(1973) 
The Woman in Black(1983) 
Air and Angels(1991) 
The Mist in the Mirror(1992) 
Mrs. deWinter(1993) 
The Service of Clouds(1997) 
The Man in the Picture(2007) 
The Battle for Gullywith(2008) 
The Beacon(2008) 
The Small Hand(2010) 
A Kind Man(2011) 
From the Heart(2017) 

Children’s Books

I’m the King of the Castle(1970) 
The Glass Angels(1991) 
A Very Special Birthday(1992) 
Friends Next Door(1992) 

Short Stories

The Custodian(1972) 
Printer’s Devil Court(2013) 
Irish Twins(2014) 

Short Story Collections

The Albatross and Other Stories(1971) 
A Bit of Singing and Dancing and Other Stories(1973) 
The Cold Country and Other Plays for Radio(1975) 
Stories from Codling Village(1990) 
The Christmas Collection(1994) 
Listening to the Orchestra(1996) 
The Boy Who Taught the Beekeeper to Read and Other Stories(2003) 
Farthing House and Other Stories(2006) 

Picture Books

One Night at a Time(1984) 
Mother’s Magic(1985) 
Can It Be True?: A Christmas Story(1987) 
Suzy’s Shoes(1989) 
I Won’t Go There Again(1990) 
Septimus Honeydew(1990) 
Pirate Poll(1991) 
Beware, Beware(1993) 
King of Kings(1993) 


New Stories 5: An Arts Council Anthology(1980) 
People: Essays and Poems(1983) 
The Parchment Moon: An Anthology of Modern Women’s Short Stories(1990) 
The Walker Book of Ghost Stories(1990) 
The Penguin Book of Modern Women’s Short Stories(1991) 
The Random House Book of Ghost Stories(1991) 
Contemporary Women’s Short Stories: An Anthology(1995) 
The Second Penguin Book of Modern Women’s Short Stories(1997) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Magic Apple Tree: A Country Year(1982)
Through the Kitchen Window(1984) 
Through the Garden Gate(1986) 
The Lighting of the Lamps(1987) 
Shakespeare Country(1987) 
Lanterns Across the Snow(1987) 
The Spirit of the Cotswolds(1988) 
Spirit of Britain: An Illustrated Guide to Literary Britain(1994) 
Reflections from a Garden(1995) 
Howards End is On the Landing(2010)
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