Susan Wiggs

Susan Wiggs was born in the United States. She is an American novelist who is specialized in writing mainly historical and contemporary romance novels. Wiggs developed an interest in her childhood age. At the age of eight, she began writing finishing her first novel, which had a title of A Book About Some Bad Kids. Wiggs is a Harvard university graduate. After graduating, she temporarily abandoned the dream she had about being a novelist, and instead she opted to become a math teacher. Although she quitted writing, she never stopped even for a moment reading the novels, especially those reveling in romance. One evening in the year 1983, after the materials she was reading run out, she started writing again. She used A Book About Some Bad Adults as the working title.

In the year 1987, Zebra Books published her first novel, after writing for three good years. The novel was about Western historical romance and she named it “Texas Wildflower”. Her contemporary romance and subsequent historical have been set in a wide range of settings and time periods. Wings set most of her novels basing on the places she has lived in or visited before. In the year 1992, she gave up with her professional career in teaching, and made writing her full-time job. Since then, she has always completed an average of two books within a period of a year.

Wiggs also writes single-title women’s fiction stories in addition to historical and contemporary romance novels. This was something she began writing in the year 2000. The first single-title story, “The You I Never Knew”, was published in 2001. Wings however, made a debut in 2003, after writing originals novels for mass-market for several years.

Wiggs wrote many of her books in a connecting way, thus allowing her to revisit established characters. Her books have published in several languages which includes German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Hungarian, Latvian, and Russian.

RITA Award has frequently named Susan Wiggs’ books finalists, which is the highest honor given in the genre. In the year 1993, she received the Romance Writers of America RITA Award for the beat romance novel “Lord of the Night”. She came in the RITA Award picture for the second time in 2000. This time the novel “The Charm School” was named the favorite book of the year. Wiggs also won the RITA Award in 2000 for the best short historical novel “The Mistress” and in 2006 for the “Lakeside Cottage”. She has also receive The Holt Medallion, which is the Colorado Award of Excellence and Blue Boa Award, the Peninsula Romance Writers of America. She has been named twice by the Romantic Times as the Career Achievement Award winner.

Currently Wiggs lives Bainbridge Island, located in Washington with her family. She is a happily married wife and she is blessed with one daughter. She has a webpage which is normally maintained by her mother.

The Beekeeper Ball

Wiggs returns to the Bella Vista, where a rich harvest is yielded by the land’s bounty…and the secrets of the family have long been buried.

Isabel Johansen is introduced as a celebrated chef in the sleepy Sonoma town of Archangel where she grew up transforming her childhood home into a destination school of cooking. Dreamers can come here to learn their culinary arts as this is a unique place to do such a thing. Bella Vista’s apple working orchards, beehives and bountiful gardens, is the idyllic venue for Isabel’s project with its rambling mission-style hacienda. To forget her past, this is the perfect place for her to forget her past.

But when swaggering, Isabel carefully ordered plans start to go awry, and to dig up the old history, journalist Cormac O’Neil of the war-torn arrives. He has always been good in exposing the lives of other people than showing closely-guarded heart of his own. He ends up revealing a few steps of his own due to the pleasures of small-town life and Isabel’s kitchen searing sensuality.

The summer’s dreamy sweetness, is the year’s perfect time for grand family wedding and the Beekeeper Ball is enchanting. This brings emotions to the head of the story, to create unexpected new future due to the collision of the past and the present.

The Beekeeper’s Ball is richly and an exquisite imagined novel of some of the secrets that prevents us from finding our way. It talks about the ties that binds us to our family and home, and the human’s heart made depending on the indelible imprint love.

The Apple Orchard.

When looking for entirely different else, you can sometimes stumble across a treasure unexpectedly. Susan Wiggs bring yet another novel that makes readers to the lush abundance of Sonoma County in a novel of sisters, friendship and how memories like a spell around us are woven.

Tess Delaney finds a way of making a living out of restoring the stolen treasures to the people who owned the treasures. Despite Tess Delaney’s advice, people like Annelise Winther refuses to let go of the necklace that was once loved by her long-gone mother. According to Annelise, the memories of the jewel are in its value.

The own history of Tess is filled with gaps. Tess had a father she knew to be existing but never had the privilege of meeting him. Her mother too was not the best mom as she spend most of her time traveling rather than spending time with Tess. So when Tess discovers that her grandfather who she never knew is in coma, she get shocked. She also learns that she has been named in his grandfather’s to inherit half of the Bella Vista, which is approximately a hundred-acre apple orchard, called Archangel in the magical Sonoma town.

Tess starts to discover that, a world filled simple pleasures of family and food, against the Bella Vista’s rich landscape of the earth that is warm beneath her feet that is bare. A world where the family always comes first and the history roots runs deep. A place where it is inevitable and possible to fall in love.

Tess starts to see the reality of what Annelise once told her, in a season that is filled with a lot of new experiences. Annelise once told her that, “if you do not believe that memories are worth more than your money, then you have not made the right kind of memories”.

Susan Wiggs novels used in TV shows.

The Lakeshore chronicles is one the Susan Wiggs novels that have been used in the production of TV shows. The series Chicago Fire Trilogy is also base on the novel written by Susan Wiggs. The Apple Orchard novel has been used to produce Bella Vista’s series.

Books in order of publication by series:

Discovery Books

October Wind(1994) 
Jewel of the Sea(1994) 
Kingdom of Gold(1994) 

Tudor Rose Books

Circle in the Water(1994) 
Vows Made in Wine(1995) 
Dancing on Air(1996) 

Bachelor Auction Book

Husband for Hire(1999)

Calhoun Chronicles Books

The Charm School(1999) 
The Horsemaster’s Daughter(1999) 
Halfway to Heaven(2001) 
Enchanted Afternoon(2002) 
A Summer Affair(2003) 

Chicago Fire Trilogy Books

The Hostage(2000) 
The Mistress(2000) 
The Firebrand(2001) 

Ocean Between Us Books

The Ocean Between Us(2004) 
The Story of Us(2010) 

Ocean Between Us Books

The Story of Us(2010) 
The Ocean Between Us(2004) 

Lakeshore Chronicles Books

Summer At Willow Lake(2006) 
The Winter Lodge(2007) 
Snowfall at Willow Lake(2008) 
Lakeshore Christmas(2009) 
The Summer Hideaway(2010) 
Marrying Daisy Bellamy(2011) 
Return to Willow Lake(2012) 
Candlelight Christmas(2013) 
Starlight on Willow Lake(2015) 

Bella Vista Chronicles Books

The Apple Orchard(2012) 
The Beekeeper’s Ball(2014) 

Switchback, Vermont Books

The Key Ingredient(2016) 
Family Tree(2016) 

Standalone Novels

Texas Wildflower(1987) 
Briar Rose(1987) 
Embrace the Day(1988) 
Winds of Glory(1988) 
The Lily and the Leopard(1991) 
The Raven and the Rose(1991) 
Lord of the Night(1993) 
The Mist and the Magic(1993) 
The Lightkeeper(1997) 
The Drifter(1998) 
The You I Never Knew(2001) 
Passing Through Paradise(2002) 
Home Before Dark(2003) 
Summer by the Sea(2004) 
Table for Five(2005) 
Lakeside Cottage(2005) 
Just Breathe(2008) 
The Borrowed Bride(2010) 
The Goodbye Quilt(2011) 
The Mistress of Normandy(2014) 
The Maiden of Ireland(2014) 
Map of the Heart(2017) 
Between You and Me(2018) 
The Oysterville Sewing Circle(2019) 
The Lost and Found Bookshop(2020)

Short Stories

The St. James Affair(2014) 
Island Time(2016) 

Picture Books

The Canary Who Sailed With Columbus(1989)

Non-Fiction Books

How I Planned Your Wedding(2011)  
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