Susie Alegre

Susie Alegre is an international lawyer, author, and speaker.  She has worked on some of the most challenging legal and political issues of our time including human rights and security, combating corruption in the developing world, protecting human rights at borders, the human rights impact of climate change on small island states, privacy, cybersecurity, disinformation, data protection and neurotech. Her experience includes both judicial, and oversight roles in the UK and internationally.

She has expertise on tech ethics and neuroscience through the lens of human rights, bringing both legal skills and a background in philosophy to the key ethical questions of our time.

Her opinion pieces appear regularly in national and international media.  She is an expert contributor on human rights related topics for both television and radio and an engaging speaker and trainer on human rights, technology, and the law.

Published book:

Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate Our Minds – 2022

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