Teddy Keen

Teddy Keen is the editor and compiler of The Lost Book of Adventure – the discovered works and illustrations of The Unknown Adventurer.

In 2014 during a trip to the Amazon Teddy, himself an illustrator and outdoor enthusiast, came across a sealed metal container in a remote hut on the banks of Jari River. The contents turned out to be the lifetime’s work of an unknown artist adventurer. Alongside the notebooks, sketchbooks and other belongings was a letter which appeared to be written for the benefit of two young family members. The case and its contents were shipped back to the UK.

With his outdoor knowledge Teddy and a team of experts have spent the past 2 years restoring, then compiling and editing the treasure trove of adventuring knowledge into a book for the world to see.

Teddy lives in London with his family.

Books in order of publication:

The Lost Book of Adventure: from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer – 2019

Journey to the Last River – 2021

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