Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy, born in the year 1840, wrote both novels and poetry before dying in the year 1928, at the age of 87, after becoming ill with pleurisy in late 1927. He was born to Thomas, who worked as a local builder and stonemason and Jemima, his mom.

Despite the fact that his first collection of poetry being released in 1888, he wrote poetry his entire life and considered himself to be a poet. He also began focusing more on poetry after some of his novels got negative reviews.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Desperate Remedies(1871) 
Under the Greenwood Tree(1872) 
A Pair of Blue Eyes(1873) 
Far From the Madding Crowd(1874) 
The Hand of Ethelberta(1876) 
The Return of the Native(1878) 
The Trumpet-Major(1880) 
A Laodicean(1881) 
Two on a Tower(1882) 
The Mayor of Casterbridge(1886) 
The Woodlanders(1887) 
Tess of the d’Urbervilles(1891) 
Jude the Obscure(1895) 
The Well-Beloved(1897) 


Wessex Tales(1888) 
A Group of Noble Dames(1891) 
Life’s Little Ironies(1894) 
Wessex Poems(1898) 
Poems of the Past and Present(1902) 
A Changed Man(1913) 
Satires of Circumstance(1914) 
Moments of Vision(1917) 
Late Lyrics and Earlier(1922) 
Winter Words(1928) 
Selected Poems(1940) 
Selected Stories of Thomas Hardy(1975) 
Poems: A New Selection(1977) 
Complete Poems(1981) 
New Wessex Selection of the Poems of Thomas Hardy(1982) 
Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas Hardy(1988) 
The Supernatural Tales of Thomas Hardy(1992) 
Selected Short Stories(1993) 
Selected Works(1997) 
The Withered Arm and Other Stories, 1874-1888(1999) 
Unexpected Elegies(2010)
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