Thomas McGuane

Thomas McGuane is an American author of outdoors & nature and literature and fiction books. His works include screenplays, novels, short fictions as well as three collections devoted to his outdoor life. Thomas is a member of the Flyfishing Hall of Fame, The National Cutting Horse Association of Fame and American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

The Sporting Club(1968) 
The Bushwhacked Piano(1971) 
Ninety-two in the Shade(1973) 
Nobody’s Angel(1982) 
Something to Be Desired(1984) 
Keep the Change(1989) 
Nothing but Blue Skies(1992) 
The Cadence of Grass(2002) 
Driving on the Rim(2010) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Refugee(2016)


The Missouri Breaks(1976)


To Skin a Cat(1986) 
Gallatin Canyon(2006) 
Crow Fair(2015) 

American Sports Writing Books

The Best American Sports Writing 1992(1992) 
The Best American Sports Writing 2005 (By:Mike Lupica)(2005) 

Non-Fiction Books

An Outside Chance(1980) 
Some Horses(1999) 
The Longest Silence(1999) 
Charles Lindsay(2000) 


Wild Stories (2002)
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