About Tim

Tim spent time in the US Navy, worked for a major game corporation, an aeronautics company, and was in the IT field for 15 years as an engineer before becoming a full-time author.

He is an active member of Horror Writers Association, SFWA, and International Thriller Writers.

Tim resides outside of Seattle where he spends time with his partner in crime, author and publisher Katie Cord, as well as 2 children, 2 dogs of various sizes and dispositions, and a near constant supply of overpriced and overcooked coffee beans.

Tim answers all emails and loves to hear from his readers. You can contact him at: STUPIDZOMBIES@GMAIL.COM.

Books written in order of publication:

Zombonauts: Undead in the Universe – Nov 2009

Among the Living – Sept. 2011

Beyond the Barriers – Sept. 2011

Among the Dead – Jan 2013

The Apocalypse and Satan’s Glory Hole – April 2013

At the Behest of the Dead – August 2013

Z-Risen: Outbreak – Dec. 2013

Z-Risen: Outcasts (Vol 2) – April 2014

Dr. Spengle vs the Unihorn Horror and other tales – April 2015

The Zombie Wilson Diaries – April 2015

Z-Risen 3: Poisoned Earth (Vol 3) – June 2015

Z-Risen 4: Barriers (Vol  4) –Oct. 2015

The Front: Screaming Eagles (Vol 1) – Jan 2016

Impact Earth Symbiosis (Vol  1)– Sept. 2016

Damaged – Oct. 2016

The Front: Red Devils (Vol 2) – Feb 2017

The Trumpening: Twilight of the Golden Menace – Feb. 2017

Drums of War: A Broken Patriot Novel (Vol 1) – April 2017

Shards of Reality – Enter the Realm – Sept. 2017

March to War: A Broken Patriot Novel (Vol 2) – April 2018

Chicken Dinner: A Novel of Battle Royale – Aug. 2018

Z-Risen Barriers – Dec 2018