Tom Bouman

The American writer and novelist Tom Bouman has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, as he has made a considerable impact upon the scene with his unique brand of mystery and crime novels that are attracting readers from far and wide on a global scale.

Going on to work as book editor, he was able to get hands-on experience with the written word and literature in a professional environment, giving him an even greater understanding of his craft. This was alongside his career as a musician, which also helped to shape him into becoming the individual and author that he currently is today.

All of this allowed him to formulate the foundations of his career and give him a basis to work upon, ultimately building his career up, as he started to concentrate on mystery and thriller novels.

Books in order of publication:

Henry Farrell Books

Dry Bones in the Valley(2014) 
Fateful Mornings(2017) 
The Bramble and the Rose(2020) 
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