Tom Simkin

Tom Simkin, author involved with all three editions of Volcanoes of the World, was curator of Petrology and Volcanology at the National Museum of Natural History, as well as directing the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program between 1984 and 1994.

Books in order of publication:

The 1968 collapse of Fernandina Caldera, Galapagos Island – 1968

Krakatau, 1883: The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects – 1983

Global Volcanism, 1975-1985: The First Decade of Reports from the Smithsonian Institution’s Scientific Event Alert Network – 1989

Paricutin: The Volcano Born in a Mexican Cornfield – 1993

Volcanoes of the World: A Regional Directory, Gazetteer, and Chronology of Volcanism During the Last 10,000 Years – 1994

Volcanoes of the World – 2011

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