Tsering Woeser

Woeser (also written Öser[citation needed]; full name: Tsering Woeser; Tibetan: ཚེ་རིང་འོད་ཟེར་, Wylie: tshe-ring ‘od-zer, Lhasa dialect: [t͡sʰérìŋ wö́sèː]; Chinese: ; pinyin: Wéisè, Han name Chéng Wénsà 程文萨[1]; born 1966) is a Tibetan writer, activist, blogger, poet and essayist.


Woeser, a quarter Han Chinese and three quarters Tibetan, was born in Lhasa. Her grandfather, Chinese, was an officer in the Nationalist Army[clarification needed] of the Kuomintang and her father was a high rank Army officer in the People’s Liberation Army. When she was very young, her family relocated to the Kham area of western Sichuan province. In 1988, she graduated from Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu with a degree in Chinese literature. She worked as a reporter in Kardzé and later in Lhasa and has lived in Beijing since 2003 as a result of political problems. Woeser is married to Wang Lixiong, a renowned author who frequently writes about Tibet. According to Reporters sans frontières, “Woeser is one of the few Tibetan authors and poets to write in Chinese.”[2] When the government refused to give her a passport, she sued the authorities.[3]

Books in order of publication:

Tibet’s True Heart: Selected Poems2008
Like Gold That Fears No Fire: New Writings From Tibet2009
Voices from Tibet: Selected Essays and Reportage2013
Tibet on Fire: Self-Immolations Against Chinese Rule2016
Forbidden Memory: Tibet during the Cultural Revolution2020
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