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Among the people who will go down in history as being phenomenal authors, Vince Flynn stands out. A sure way of leaving a great legacy behind is through creating captivating literary works. Writing is a way of capturing life and immortalizing it in words. Good authors know how to transform the mind of the reader into a theater where the story is acted out. They create stories that the reader can identify with or those that can take the reader into a world of intense imagination. Authors are best identified in their genre of expertise and for Vince Flynn, writing novels in the political thriller genre is what he does best.

Biography of Mr. Flynn

Born in 1966 in the town of St Paul in Minnesota, Mr Flynn has grown to become a popular American author with a good number of best-selling books. Recently, his job title has also included being a story consultant for the hit TV series, 24. He now lives with his family; wife and three children, in the United States. Interestingly, the stars were not always lined up for him. While still in grade school, he was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age. The irony is that it was a struggle for him to write and read for most of his life yet he turned out to be such a great author. In his eagerness to overcome the limitations of dyslexia, Vince Flynn worked himself through a program of reading and writing as much as he could. In the process, the novels he read stirred up an interest in him that later on made him an author.

He attended Saint Thomas Academy and left in 1985. Thereafter, he enrolled in the University of St Thomas where he graduated in 1988 with a degree in economics. This educational background enabled him to get a job in the accounts and marketing department at Kraft foods company. He got to work there for another two years during which he developed an interest in aviation. In the year 1990, he quit his job to attend a recruitment program with the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately, a short moment before he was to join the training school, he was slotted out of the program. This disqualification was made on medical grounds due to a convulsive disorder he had while growing up.

In a bid to make ends meet, he got another job in a company dealing with real estate. His love for books got him working on a book he had in mind for a long time. After working for two years, he quit his job and relocated to Colorado from the Twin Cities. He would write in the daytime and work as a bartender in the night. His first book, Term Limits was borne through a series of challenges. This happened after five years of hard work and tens of rejection letters from publishing houses. When he published his debut book it went viral and in a week’s time, got him signings with two different publishing houses.

Series of books by Vince Flynn

All his novels are available in both paperback and hardcover and have steadily gained popularity all across the social divide. Ranging from ordinary book lovers to heads of states and intelligence officers, Mr Flynn’s audience is one that boasts of diversity. In 1998,Term Limits was published in a hardcover version. In 1999, The book in paperback version actually defended the top slot in the bestseller list of the New York Times.

Mr Flynn produced more books in the subsequent years and they turned out to be bestsellers as well.

Most of these books form one of his most popular collections known as the Mitch Rapp series other than Transfer of Power however that is set in the same Rapp universe. In this series, Vince Flynn brings to life a character who goes by the name Mitch Rapp. He plays the role of a CIA agent working under-cover on matters anti-terrorism. The unique attributes of this character is in the way he uses out of the ordinary tactics to counter attacks by Muslim Terrorists. His attitude throughout the series is that of non-conformity to official protocol while carrying out his duties.

The series begins chronologically with the book, American Assassin. This novel introduces Mitch Rapp as a an ordinary care-free college student who rises to become a top-notch CIA agent. Thanks to tragedy in the form of the Pan Am terrorist attack that leaves Mitch’s simple community life distorted, he finds himself recruited into the CIA. He is then trained as a clandestine CIA officer to wage war against Muslim terrorism in the United States. The storyline unfolds with him carrying out a series of hair-raising assassinations across Europe.

The second book chronologically in the series, Kill Shot, tells of the undertakings of Mitch Rapp in assassinating a high profile diplomat of Libyan origin. The setting is that of Mitch strategically carrying out his mission when the diplomat is sleeping in a Paris hotel room without any suspicion. Immediately though,the door to the room opens and gunmen take on him. In the exchange of fire, he is left wounded and has to escape. The following day, word spreads around about the assassination which also claimed lives of several civilians. The authorities in France are after the assassin and the dilemma now falls on the CIA. They hope that their secret agent would not be exposed at the same time denying their involvement in the incident. Mitch Rapp works his way out of the mess in a thrilling series of events.

Vince Flynn has made an impact with some of his books being ear-marked for turning into screenplays. He entered partnership with CBS films and got negotiations to have books from the Mitch Rapp series be made into films.

Vince Flynn sadly passed away on June 19th, 2013 due to prostate cancer. Kyle Mills continued writing the Mitch Rapp series from The Survivor onwards.

Books in order of publication by series:

Mitch Rapp Books

Transfer of Power(1999) 
The Third Option(2000) 
Separation of Power(2001) 
Executive Power(2002) 
Memorial Day(2004) 
Consent To Kill(2005) 
Act of Treason(2006) 
Protect and Defend(2007) 
Extreme Measures(2008) 
Pursuit of Honor(2009) 
American Assassin(2010) 
Kill Shot(2012) 
The Last Man(2012) 
The Survivor(2013) 
Order to Kill(2016) 
Enemy of the State(2017) 
Red War(2018) 
Lethal Agent(2019) 
Total Power(2020)
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