Among the people who will go down in history as being phenomenal authors, Vince Flynn stands out. A sure way of leaving a great legacy behind is through creating captivating literary works. Writing is a way of capturing life and immortalizing it in words. Good authors know how to transform the mind of the reader into a theater where the story is acted out. They create stories that the reader can identify with or those that can take the reader into a world of intense imagination. Authors are best identified in their genre of expertise and for Vince Flynn, writing novels in the political thriller genre is what he does best.

Biography of Mr. Flynn

Born in 1966 in the town of St Paul in Minnesota, Mr Flynn has grown to become a popular American author with a good number of best-selling books. Recently, his job title has also included being a story consultant for the hit TV series, 24. He now lives with his family; wife and three children, in the United States. Interestingly, the stars were not always lined up for him. While still in grade school, he was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age. The irony is that it was a struggle for him to write and read for most of his life yet h