Ward Swift Just

Ward Swift Just (September 5, 1935 – December 19, 2019) was an American writer. He was a war correspondent and the author of 19 novels and numerous short stories.

Just was born in Michigan City, Indiana, attended Lake Forest Academy, and subsequently graduated from Cranbrook School in 1953. He briefly attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He started his career as a print journalist for the Waukegan (Illinois) News-Sun. He married three times and had three children.

Books in order of publication:


A Soldier of the Revolution (1970)

Stringer (1974)

Nicholson at Large (1975)

A Family Trust (1978)

In the City of Fear (1982)

The American Blues (1984)

The American Ambassador (1987)

Jack Gance (1989)

The Translator (1991)

Ambition & Love (1994)

Echo House (1997)

A Dangerous Friend (1999)

The Weather in Berlin (2002)

An Unfinished Season (2004)

Forgetfulness (2006)

Exiles In The Garden (2009)

Rodin’s Debutante (2011)

American Romantic (2014)

The Eastern Shore (2016)

Story collections

The Congressman Who Loved Flaubert (1973)

Honor, Power, Riches, Fame, and the Love of Women (1979)

Twenty-one: Selected Stories (1990)

Lowell Limpett and Two Stories (2001)


To What End (1968)

Military Men (1970)


Lowell Limpett (2001)

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