Will Thomas is one of the most well-established authors in the United States, who is popularly known for penning down novels that are based on the thriller and historical genres. Thomas came into popularity with the Barker and Llewellyn thriller book series. Before he became a full-time author, Thomas used to pen down essays specifically for Sherlock Holmes publications society. Furthermore, Will Thomas was also actively involved in the giving out of lectures revolving around the study of the Victorian era. Will Thomas has also served as a librarian, at the Tulsa City County Library System. Thomas also got a chance to be featured on the front page of the trade publication of the Library Journal. Apart from being an author, Will Thomas also has interests in various martial art forms including Hung Gar and Bartitsu. Thomas has mastered these two forms of Victorian Martial arts. He also uses them in his novels.

Currently, Thomas resides in Oklahoma with his family. Will Thomas became a full-time author in the year 2004, with his debut novel being Some Danger Involved. Since then, Will Thomas has continued to publish regularly various thriller novels throughout his writing career. Thomas is famously known for creating the character Thomas Llewellyn and Cyrus Barker. Thomas and Cyrus are regularly featured in many of his best-performing novels. Will Thomas describe Cyrus as a detective who hails from Scotland and prefers to be referred as an agent of private inquiry? Thomas is then introduced to the readers as Cyrus’s assistant. The mystery series has been set in the 1800’s. The narratives, on the other hand, are filled with various historical details that feature movements, people as well as events from that specific period. Martial combat is a recurring theme throughout the novel.

In a majority of the interviews that the author has conducted, Will Thomas has indicated that prominent men such as Richard Francis Barton and Edward Barton Wright inspire the protagonist, Barker. Because Edward Barton Wright is the founder of Bartitsu martial arts, many believe he is the main inspiration behind the character, Cyrus Barker. Thomas’s debut novel received numerous nominations, such as Barry and Shamus Awards. The book also received the Book Award of Oklahoma in 2005. The Black Hard, another book by Will Thomas was also nominated for the prestigious Shamus Award in the year 2009. In the year 2015, Will Thomas was awarded the Oklahoma Award once more with the novel, Fatal Inquiry. Will Thomas is happily married to one Julia Thomas, who just like him is a well-established author. Julia Thomas is widely known for penning down the novel, The English Boys.

When writing his stories or when creating characters, Will Thomas loves to use pen and paper, a technique that allows him to get much closer to his characters. Many at times, he begins by sketching a portrait on a piece of paper and then begins to pen down a description of the character that he has drawn. Thomas has emphasized that the characters that he creates, many at times provides a medium for carrying the narrative and the plot forward. Nonetheless, social issues normally play an important role in driving his narratives. Some of the issues that Will Thomas likes to focus on include child safety, terrorism, and anti-Semitism. When Will Thomas was developing his first ever book, Thomas came across a quote that all the Jewish women who reside in the East End fear that the white slavers are going to snatch their children. Thomas got intrigued by this quote and in turn decided to develop a mystery that was based on this topic, that revolved around some of his exceedingly famous protagonists.

Will Thomas Best Books

Barker and Llewelyn Series

The Barker and Llewelyn mystery series penned down by Will Thomas is made up of 9 books and were released between the year 2004 and 2016. Kingdom Come was one of the initial books in the Barker and Llewelyn book series. Touchstone Publication released this book in the year 2005. In the initial stages of the book, Will Thomas depicted the recently implemented Scotland Yard; Special Branch had been destroyed by a bomb attack. After the attacks were executed, all the Irish dissidents who were fighting for liberation are considered to be culprits and the perpetrators of the attack. The dissidents are slapped with various charges including the execution of the bomb attacks and also because they are considered to be brazen factions of society. Barker and Llewelyn offer their services to the Irish government to mainly infiltrate the secret cell of the Irish Brotherhood known as the Invincible.

Barker pretends to be a bomb maker from Germany, while the other protagonist Llewelyn pretends to be Barker’s apprentice. The two eventually get recruited to the ultimate plan of the invisible, which is to destroy the monarchy rule of the United Kingdom by bringing down the entire city. The adventures eventually take these two protagonists to different states and cities including Wales, Liverpool, and many others.

The Limehouse Text

The Limehouse Text is one of the most interesting installments in the Barker and Llewelyn book series. Touchstone Books released the book in the year 2005. In this narrative, Barker discovered a ticket of a pawn in the effects of his late assistant. The ticket eventually leads the two protagonists to the Chinese District of London city, which is popularly known as Limehouse. Once in the Limehouse, the two come across a book that contains rare texts as well as secrets that were stolen from one of the monasteries in Nanking. Barker and Llewelyn eventually come to learn that the scripts contained some form of martial arts that were forbidden by the Western people. Because situation between English Empire and Imperial China is already on the rocks, the two are given the task of tracking down the exceedingly deadly killer who is more than determined to acquire the secrets of the book.The duo also need to prevent the book from reaching into the wrong hands who are suspected to have conflicting interests. Once again, author Thomas has tried to take the readers on an adventurous journey through the deadly streets of London, where Thomas Llewelyn and Cyrus Barker try to prowl through the underworld of blood sports, opium dens, and the penny hangs of the sailors. The book entertained one and all, and was eventually became successful. The critics reviewed it with many positive reviews and also praised Thomas for his unique style of writing.

Books in order of publication by series:

Barker & Llewelyn Books

Some Danger Involved(2004) 
To Kingdom Come(2005) 
The Limehouse Text(2006) 
The Hellfire Conspiracy(2007) 
The Black Hand(2008) 
Fatal Enquiry(2014) 
Anatomy of Evil(2015) 
Hell Bay(2016) 
Old Scores(2017) 
Blood is Blood(2018) 
Lethal Pursuit(2019)