William C. Ketchum Jr.

Books in order of publication:

Early potters and potteries of New York State1970
American Basketry and Woodenware a Collector’s Guide1974
A Treasury Of American Bottles1975
Hooked Rugs: A Historical and Collector’s Guide: How to Make Your Own1976
The Catalog Of American Antiques1978
A Collector’s Book of American Folk Crafts1979
Auction!: The Guide to Bidding, Buying, Bargaining, Selling, Exhibiting & Making a Profit1980
Toys and Games1981
The Knopf Collector’s Guide to American Antiques: Furniture: Volume 2 – Chests, Cupboards, Desks & Other Pieces (The Knopf Collectors’ Guides to American Antiques)1982
Boxes: The Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques1982
Pottery & Porcelain (The Knopf collectors’ guides to American antiques)1983
Collecting toys for fun & profit1985
New and Revised Catalog of American Collectibles1985
American Country Pottery Yellowware & Spongeware1987
How to Make a Living in Antiques1990
American Redware1991
The New & Revised Catalog of American Antiques1991
Country Wreaths and Baskets1991
American Stoneware1991
Holiday Ornaments and Antiques1992
Collecting the West: Cowboy, Indian, Spanish American, and Mining Memorabilia1993
American Folk Art1995
American Cabinetmakers: Marked American Furniture: 1640-19401995
Grandma Moses: An American Original1996
Simple Beauty: The Shakers in America1996
Art of the Golden West1996
Frida Kahlo: A Modern Master1997
Native American Art1997
Remington & Russell1998
American Pottery & Porcelain2000
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