William Gibson

Author William Gibson was born in South Carolina on March 17, 1948 and writes speculative and science fiction. He wanted to be a science fiction author from that time that he was just twelve years old. The year after, he bought an anthology that featured a lot of writers largely associated with the beat generation. William S. Burroughs had the most pronounced of influence on him. On his SATs he scored a 148 out of 150 possible on the writing, but did a lot worse on the math, scoring just five points out of the 150.

Gibson is known as the pioneer of the subgenre of science fiction that is known as cyberpunk. He has also written steam punk and post cyberpunk work. Gibson also came up with the term cyberspace in the year 1982, and his novel, that uses cyberspace “Neuromancer” sold over six and a half million copies around the world when it was released in 1984. This novel helped bring science fiction literature back into relevance after it had fallen in the seventies.

Books in order of publication by series:

Sprawl Books

Count Zero(1986) 
Mona Lisa Overdrive(1988) 

Bridge Books

Virtual Light(1993) 
All Tomorrow’s Parties(1999) 

Blue Ant/Bigend Books

Pattern Recognition(2003) 
Spook Country(2007) 
Zero History(2010) 

Standalone Novels

The Difference Engine(1990) 
Johnny Mnemonic(1995) 
The Peripheral(2014) 

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Burning Chrome(1986)
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