William Kotzwinkle

William Kotzwinkle (born November 22, 1943) is an American novelist, children’s writer, and screenwriter. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He has won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel for Doctor Rat in 1977 and has also won the National Magazine Award for fiction. Kotzwinkle has been most known for writing the novelization of the screenplay for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

He has been married to author Elizabeth Gundy since 1965.

Books in order of publication:


Hermes 3000 (1972)

The Fan Man (1974)

Night Book (1974)

Swimmer in the Secret Sea (1975)

Doctor Rat (1976)

Fata Morgana (1977)

Herr Nightingale And the Satin Woman (1978) (graphic novel, illustrated Joe Servello)

Jack in the Box (1980)

Christmas at Fontaine’s (1982)

Superman III (1983)

Great World Circus (1983) (illustrated Joe Servello)

Queen of Swords (1983)

Seduction in Berlin (1985) (long story poem, illustrated Joe Servello)

The Exile (1987)

The Midnight Examiner (1989)

The Game of Thirty (1994) (reissued 2007 as The Game of 30)

The Bear Went Over the Mountain (1996)

The Amphora Project (2005)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial series

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (based on Melissa Mathison’s screenplay)

E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet (1985)


Elephant Bangs Train (1971) (short stories)

The Oldest Man: And Other Timeless Stories (1971) (juvenile)

Trouble in Bugland: A Collection of Inspector Mantis Mysteries (1983) (juvenile)

Jewel of the Moon (1985) (short stories)

Hearts of Wood: And Other Timeless Tales (1986) (juvenile)

The Hot Jazz Trio (1989) (3 short stories, illustrated Joe Servello)

Tales from the Empty Notebook (1995) (juvenile)

Double Trouble in Bugland : A New Collection of Inspector Mantis Mysteries (2016) (juvenile)

Short stories

“The Curio Shop” (1980)

“Fragments of Papyrus from the Temple of the Older Gods” (1988)

“Blues on the Nile: A Fragment of Papyrus” (1989)

“Boxcar Blues” (1989)

“Django Reinhardt Played the Blues” (1989)

“Horse Badorties Goes Out” (1973)

“The Magician”

Children’s books

The Firemen (1969)

Elephant Boy: A Story of the Stone Age (1970)

The Day the Gang Got Rich (1970)

The Ship That Came Down The Gutter (1970)

The Return of Crazy Horse (1971)

The Supreme, Superb, Exalted and Delightful, One and Only Magic Building (1973)

Up the Alley with Jack and Joe (1974)

The Leopard’s Tooth (1976)

The Ants Who Took Away Time (1978)

Dream of Dark Harbor: A Ghostly Sea Story (1979)

The Nap Master (1979)

The World Is Big and I’m So Small (1986)

The Empty Notebook (1990)

The Million-Dollar Bear (1995)

Walter the Farting Dog series (with Glenn Murray and Elizabeth Gundy) (illustrations by Audrey Colman)

Walter the Farting Dog (2001)

Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale (2004)

Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog (2005)

Walter the Farting Dog goes on a Cruise (2006)

Walter The Farting Dog: Banned From the Beach (June 21, 2007)

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