William Leitch

William F. Leitch (born October 10, 1975 in Mattoon, Illinois) is a writer and the founding editor of the Gawker Media former sports blog Deadspin. Leitch is a national correspondent for MLB.com, a contributing editor at New York, critic at Grierson & Leitch, contributor to The New York Times, GQ, The Washington Post and NBC News; and has published four books, Catch, a novel, Life as a Loser, a memoir, God Save The Fan, a book of sports essays, and Are We Winning? a book about fatherhood and baseball.

His fifth book, Lucky, a novel, will be published by Harper in summer 2021.

Books in order of publication:

Life As A Loser. Arriviste Press, Inc. 2004

Catch : a novel – 2005

God save the fan – 2008

Are we winning? – 2010

Lucky – 2021

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