William Mcilvanney

William McIlvanney was a noteworthy author from Scotland, who was famous for writing short stories, poems, and full length novels. He was particularly well known for writing mysteries, thrillers, and literature & fiction books. The writing career of author McIlvanney consists of several standalone novels as well as a novel series called Jack Laidlaw.

In most of his literary work, he has portrayed Glasgow from the time of the 1970’s, which was liked by many readers. Author McIlvanney is known for introducing the Tartan Noir and is regarded as the Camus of Scotland.

Books in order of publication:

Jack Laidlaw Books

The Papers of Tony Veitch(1983) 
Strange Loyalties(1991) 
The Dark Remains(2021)

Standalone Novels

Remedy Is None(1966) 
A Gift from Nessus(1968) 
The Big Man(1985) 
In Through the Head(1988) 
The Kiln(1996) 

Non-Fiction Books

Shades of Grey(1990) 
Dreaming Scotland(2014) 

Poems/Short Story Collections

The Longships in Harbour(1970) 
Landscapes and Figures(1973) 
Walking Wounded(1989) 
Surviving the Ship Wreck(1991)
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