William R. Cross

Bill Cross believes that all people – children, women and men – need stories. A well-told tale of someone else’s life helps us make better sense of our own lives. Bill’s focus is on the lives of women and men who have shaped our culture. Their stories are also the stories of their times and their work, which frames their lives. These stories nudge us to ask: What do you see? How do you see? What do you not see? Why?

Cross’s first biography is Winslow Homer: American Passage, to be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in April 2022. He has published myriad articles and served as Curator of Homer at the Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey 1869-1880 (Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts). The exhibition and the 200-page catalogue he wrote revealed Homer’s formation as a marine painter. In a full-page review, Lance Esplund of The Wall Street Journal described the exhibition as “handsome, historically rich and perfectly positioned.” Sebastian Smee of The Washington Post praised the exhibition’s “intimate, textured sense” and its “excellent catalogue.”

Published book:

Winslow Homer: American Passage – 2022

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