William Stevenson

William Stevenson was a British-born Canadian author and journalist. His 1976 book “A Man Called Intrepid” was about William Stephenson (no relation) and was a best-seller. It was made into a 1979 mini-series starring David Niven and Stevenson followed it up with a 1983 book titled “Intrepid’s Last Case.”

Stevenson set a record with another 1976 book, “90 Minutes at Entebbe.” The book was about Operation Entebbe, an operation where Israeli commandos secretly landed at night at Entebbe Airport in Uganda and succeeded in rescuing the passengers of an airliner hi-jacked by Palestinian militants, while incurring very few casualties. The remarkable record in that pre-internet age is that Stevenson’s “instant book” was written, edited, printed and available for sale within weeks of the event it described.

Books in order of publication:

Birds’ Nests in their Beards1963
The Bushbaby1965
Strike Zion!1967
Zanek! A Chronicle of the Israeli Air Force1971
The Bormann Brotherhood1973
A Man Called Intrepid1976
90 Minutes at Entebbe1976
The Ghosts of Africa1980
Booby Trap1987
The Revolutionary King1999
Spymistress: The Life of Vera Atkins, the Greatest Female Secret Agent of World War II2006
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels – Volume 18 Historical Sketch of the Progress of Discovery, Navigation, and Commerce, from the Earliest … the Nineteenth Century, By William Stevenson2009
Past to Present: A Reporter’s Story of War, Spies, People and Politics2012
The Autobiography of the Rev. William Stevenson2015
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