Willie Morris

William Weaks “Willie” Morris (November 29, 1934 — August 2, 1999), was an American writer and editor born in Jackson, Mississippi, though his family later moved to Yazoo City, Mississippi, which he immortalized in his works of prose. Morris’ trademark was his lyrical prose style and reflections on the American South, particularly the Mississippi Delta. In 1967 he became the youngest editor of Harper’s Magazine. He wrote several works of fiction and non-fiction, including his seminal book North Toward Home, as well as My Dog Skip.

Books in order of publication:

North Toward Home – 1967

Good Old Boy – 1971

Last of the Southern Girls – 1973

The Courting of Marcus Dupree – 1983

New York Days – 1993

My Dog Skip – 1995

My Mississippi – 2000

My Cat Spit McGee – 2000

Taps – 2001

Terrains Of The Heart And Other Essays On Home – 2020

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