Witold Rybczynski

Witold Rybczynski (born 1 March 1943) is a Canadian American architect, professor and writer. He is currently the Martin and Margy Meyerson Professor Emeritus of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania.

Books in order of publication:

Paper Heroes: Appropriate Technology: Panacea or Pipe Dream? (1980)

Taming the Tiger: The Struggle to Control Technology (1983)

 Home: A Short History of an Idea (1986)

The Most Beautiful House in the World (1989)

Waiting for the Weekend (1991)

 McGill: A Celebration (1991)

Looking Around: A Journey Through Architecture (1992)

A Place for Art/Un lieu pour l’art: The Architecture of the National Gallery of Canada (1993)

City Life: Urban expectations in a new world (1995)

A Clearing in the Distance: Frederick Law Olmsted and North America in the Nineteenth Century (1999)

One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw (2000)

The Look of Architecture (2001)

The Perfect House: A Journey with Renaissance Master Andrea Palladio (2002)

Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers (2006), co-written with Laurie Olin

Last Harvest: How A Cornfield Became New Daleville: Real Estate Development in America (2007)

My Two Polish Grandfathers: And Other Essays on the Imaginative Life (2009)

Makeshift Metropolis: Ideas About Cities (2010)

The Biography of a Building: How Robert Sainsbury and Norman Foster Built a Great Museum (2011)

How Architecture Works: A Humanist’s Toolkit (2013)

Mysteries of the Mall: And Other Essays (2015)

Now I Sit Me Down: From Klismos to Plastic Chair: A Natural History (2016)

Charleston Fancy: Little Houses and Big Dreams in the Holy City

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