Yokoyama Hideo

Yokoyama Hideo, born 1957) is a Japanese novelist. Yokoyama specializes in mystery novels. He worked constantly during the first three days of 2003, and suffered a heart attack and was subsequently hospitalized on January 4th. He repeated his Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! No. 1 ranking in 2013 with Six Four (64).

Books (In English) in order of publication:


  • Six Four (original title: 64 Rokuyon), trans. Jonathan Lloyd-Davies (riverrun, 2016)
  • Seventeen (original title: Kuraimāzu hai [Climber’s High]), trans. Louise Heal Kawai (riverrun, 2018)
  • Prefecture D (original title: Kage no Kisetsu), trans. Jonathan Lloyd-Davies (riverrun, 2019)
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